Participation with Manuscript

  • Procedures of Electronic Registration
    • You can register your information via this link
    • The manuscripts should be submitted in PDF or Word files via this link
    • you can submit your manuscript as this file which is in this link
    • For more information, you can call: 0233353161 0233353161 or fax: 0237482533
  • Author Guidelines via this link
  • Registration Dates
    • The date for final submission is 23 November 2023.
    • The final submission date for an accepting manuscript to present in the conference is 23 November 2023
    • The final submission date for an accepting manuscript to publish the proceeding is 6 January 2024
  • The conference Fees
    • 1000 L.E for Egyptians (600 L.E in submission the manuscript, 400 L.E for final accepting manuscript)
    • 300 $ for non-Egyptians (200 $ in submission the manuscript, 100 $ for final accepting manuscript)
    • The maximum page length for the research is 15 pages. Each extra page has 15 L.E for Egyptian and 15 $ for none Egyptian.
  • The method of payment
    • An Egyptian participant can pay within this link
    • A Foreign participant can pay within bank account No. (4/082/17951/5)
    • You should send the photo copy of receipt in this mail